1. How do I charge my warrior?

Turn the warrior power switch to OFF. With katana powered OFF, insert the charging port on the warrior into the charge jack on the katana. Slide the power switch on the katana to the battery symbol to begin charging. The red & green lights will turn on to indicate charging.

2. How do I synch my warrior to katana?

Move the warrior power switch from OFF to A or B. The warrior’s core will flash green. Set the band switch on the katana to match the selection on the warrior’s power switch. This will synch the katana with the warrior.

3. How is a winner determined?

A winner is determined when one of the warriors in battle are knocked over.

4. How do I master the movement and turn the warrior?

Move the katana up and the warrior will strike up and step forward left. Move the katana down and the warrior will strike down and step forward right. Move the katana up and down to continuously strike.

5. How to I perform special moves?

Each of the three special moves and auto drone mode can be activated by holding down the special move button located on the katana and following the special move directions.

  • Wild Cross

    Move katana from left to right quickly, without changing the katana’s direction. Slowly bring the katana upwards. Then swing down quickly!
  • Moon Slash

    Swing katana downward, than draw two circles.
  • Freeze

    Hold the katana horizontally. Tap it against your free hand. When performed correctly opponent’s warrior will become momentarily immobilized.
  • Auto Battle mode

    i. A horn will sound, and the warrior will begin to move on its own for two minutes.

6. How long do the batteries last?

This depends on the amount of game play.

7. How long does it take to charge my warrior?

20 minutes of charge equals 20 minutes of play.

8. How many batteries are needed?

Each katana requires 4AA batteries. The warriors have their own rechargeable lithium ION batteries that can be charged by connecting warrior to charging port located on the katana.

9. How many pieces of interchangeable armor & weapons does each warrior come with?

Each warrior comes with 12 pieces of easy snap on armor and is either single bladed or double bladed depending on the warrior selected. The samurai and Ninja both come with an extra piece of armor that the other warriors do not. This piece is located on their head and gives these two warriors a total of 13 pieces of interchangeable armor.

  1. Head Piece (Samurai & Ninja Only)
  2. Face cover
  3. Left arm
  4. Right arm
  5. Left shoulder
  6. Right shoulder
  7. Left hip
  8. Center hip
  9. Right hip
  10. Right shin
  11. Left shin
  12. Right foot
  13. Left foot

10. What age is appropriate for the Warriors?

Battroborg Warrior is fun for the whole family, and is safe for ages 6+

11. Where can I buy Battroborg Warrior?

Battroborg Warrior is available at most major retailers. For complete list visit the where to buy page.

12. How much does Battroborg Warrior Battle Arena cost?

The arena pack retails at $69.99.

13. I am having product issues (broken pieces, defective parts, etc.).

It’s important to remember Battroborg Warriors were designed to have removable armor, weapons, arms and fists. If these pieces have fallen off, they should easily snap back into place. For more extensive issues please contact customer service at (800) 704-8697 M-F 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. CST or online at http://tomy.com/contact

14. What technology is used to connect the katana to the warrior itself?

Battroborg Warrior uses infra-red technology to sync the katana to the warrior

15. How far away can you wirelessly control your warrior?

Recommended distance is 1-3 feet.

16. What comes with the Battroborg Warrior Arena Set?

The arena set comes with two (2) katana controllers, one (1) battle arena ,one (1) single bladed warrior (with weapon & armor) and one (1) double bladed warrior (with weapon & armor).

17. Why is my katana not controlling my warrior?

Make sure the path between your katana and warrior is clear of obstructions. Also, make sure both katana and warrior are synched to the same letter (A or B). If that fails try new batteries.